Hey Y'all, I'm Hannah!

I'm an intimate wedding photographer originally from the coast of Virginia, but now based in the beautiful North Georgia mountains! When I don't have my camera in hand, you can find me hiking up a new mountain with my fur babies, eating tacos (my FAVE), or spending quality with my little family of five!

I started out capturing families and children, then realized that my heart is completely drawn to love & the bond that two people share. I describe my photography style as timeless, romantic, artistic & bold. I enjoy capturing the small, yet sometimes unseen gestures & reactions as well as the pure romance between two people on their wedding day!

If you're looking for a "not your average joe" photographer then you are definitely in the right place! I love bringing some creativity to the table so yes.. you can easily find me laying on the ground, climbing on top of something, or being the perfect hype girl on a wedding day to get those dreamy shots!

okay... enough about love, let's get to the real... the raw, the ME! I picked up my first film camera at a very young age and literally took pictures of EVERYTHING! I still have a photo album of the first house I lived in as a little girl and literally, I took photos of every inch of that house.. kind of silly now that I think of it! But it wasn't until 2012 that I really got serious about photography! I took some classes and totally fell in love with the art of photography!

After 2012 I decided to kind of discover myself (ya know.. we've all been there, lost not knowing where we fit in.. blah blah blah) sooo, I traveled Europe for 3 months with the little bit of money I had saved up and enjoyed every bit of it! After that I realized Virginia was no longer for me.. the mountains were calling me home! I moved to GA in 2013, got a job worked my tail off, and got my first apartment! After a bunch of career changes and not really being satisfied with my life, I then realized what I was really missing.. a camera in my hand!!!

So, in 2016 I officially picked up a camera again and started shooting friends & family just to get those creative juices flowing again! Then, after a whole lot of persuasion in 2017, I decided to start HLS Photography and go legit and I am SO glad I did! Now I focus most of my free time and energy on my clients and making sure they have the absolute best client experience possible!

so.. what are you waiting for?! Go fill out the contact form and let's get this love party started!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Please note that HLS Photography is and always will be LGBTQ+ and all-inclusive. We love everyone and believe EVERYONE deserves equality.